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Short Bio

After graduating as licentiate in applied economics (1987) at the University of Antwerp, Lode Vereeck obtained a Ph.D. in economics from Maastricht University (1993).

From 1992 till 2004, he worked as part-time senior lecturer of law & economics at the Maastricht Law Faculty.

In 1994, Lode Vereeck was appointed assistant professor of economics at the Faculty of Applied Economics of the Limburg University Center, where he co-founded the Institute for Social-Economic Studies (SEIN).

From 1998 till 2009, he was a visiting professor of law & economics at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella Law School in Buenos Aires.

Lode Vereeck was the Belgian deputy chief of cabinet for small-and-medium-sized enterprises (1999-2000).

In 2000, the Flemish government appointed him as executive member of the board of the transnational University of Limburg (tUL).

Lode Vereeck returned to academics full-time from 2004 till 2009 as associate professor of Economics and Policy Management at Hasselt University, where he coordinated the Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety and cofounded the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB). In recent years, he is working in the area of better regulation (law & economics).

Until 2009, he was also an expert member of the Flemish Strategic Advisory Council for Transportation (MORA), executive officer of the Flemish Interuniversity Center for Better Regulation (ICW vzw) and associate senior research fellow of the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Currently, he is professor of Economics at Hasselt University.

In 2009, Lode Vereeck was elected as MP in the Flemish Parliament, representing the province of Limburg. He was a.o. leader of his parliamentary party and member of the Commission for Fiscal and Financial Affairs. At the end of his mandate in 2014, his colleagues and the political journalists from the Flemish newspapers De Standaard, De Morgen and Het Belang van Limburg chose him as the "best MP". Since 2014, Lode Vereeck is a senator in the Belgian Senate. He is a.o. co-president of the Commission for Regulatory Evaluation.