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An International Comparison of the Effectiveness of Traffic Safety Enforcement Policies

 Lode Vereeck and Liesbet Deben (2003)

Different countries have different cultures which is reflected not only in the tradition but also in the daily behaviour of its citizens. Increasing aggression (physical abuse), due to a congested and stressed traffic system, has led to a new awareness of monitoring traffic behaviour. However, there's no miracle measure that can be applied in every country, since the law obeying attitude differs among nations. As a consequence different countries have implemented different policies, the effectiveness of which is determined by their legitimacy and acceptance by the people. In what way different countries try to alter the behaviour of its citizens towards the desired direction and how successful are they in doing so? By comparing the different policies of successful countries, a common base is sought on which other, less successful countries can develop a starting point in order to alter unwanted behaviour of their citizens towards a desired traffic attitude.

Proceedings Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, 33 pag. ISSN 1539-7300

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