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Cost-Benefit Analysis for Road Safety Investments in Belgium. Case-Study of a Seat Belt Reminder System

 Bram De Brabander en Lode Vereeck (2003a)

Belgian and regional government attach an increasing importance to road safety. Economic analyses improve the allocation of scarce resources to improve road safety. Two types of eonomic analysis, cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness are discussed with special emphasis on discount rates and the value of human lifes. Three types of seat belt reminder systems are studied considered. Implementation costs of € 63,00, € 127,00 and € 150,00 are applied. If one considers commonly used dicount rates, one can observe the following at each of the different rates: - if the least expensive seat belt reminder system would be chosen, the project would already be beneficial when an effectiveness of 5% would be reached - if the seat belt reminder system costing € 127,00 would be chosen, an effectiveness of 10% would already make the system beneficial - the most expensive system would only become beneficial for society when an effectivness between 10% and 15% would be reached. - an increase in seat belt wearing amongst non-seat belt wearing drivers and passengers of 13% is necessary to make the seat belt reminder system beneficial from a social point of view.

Research Rapport RA-2003-16, Diepenbeek: Steunpunt Verkeersveiligheid, 26 pag.

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