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Regulation of Architects in Belgium and the Netherlands. A Law and Economics Approach

 Evy Crals and Lode Vereeck, eds. (2005)

The purpose of this book is to prepare a major overhaul and modernization of the Belgian regulation of architects. Current legislation is simply not up to modern technological, engineering, economic and legal developments any more. More duties and responsibilities, handed down to the architects over the years, have led to more liabilities and prohibitively high insurance costs. To ensure efficient new regulation, the legislative initiative has to be underpinned by sound economic and comparative analysis. The book, therefore, first provides a state-of-the-art overview of the economic analysis of the regulation of professions. Next, it analyses the situation of architects in the Netherlands, where – contrary to Belgium - only a legal protection of the title exists without any professional monopoly attached to it. Finally, proposals are made to modernize Belgian regulation. While educational and institutional reforms are much needed, the most essential change is the break-up of the architects’ monopoly. Instead of advocating unregulated competition, the aim is to allow other professions in the construction monopoly in order to stimulate competition among different professionals whilst safeguarding quality requirements.

Leuven: Lannoo Campus, 126 p. ISBN 90 209 6009 1

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